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Notice on the Shanghai Commodity Futures Monthly Forum of November, 2017 (40 Forums in Total)

FROM: The General Office of Shanghai Futures Exchange

TO: All Members

SUBJECT: Notice on the Shanghai Commodity Futures Monthly Forum of November, 2017 (40 Forums in Total)

FILING SERIAL: SQBF [2017] No. 173

November 17,2017

To facilitate the functioning of futures market, intensify research on commodity futures and related industries and help exchange information and ideas promptly, we will hold the Shanghai Commodity Futures Monthly Forum of November, 2017(40 Forums in Total). This Forum will be expected to share and exchange the views centering around “Futures Market Serves Real Economy” Essay Activities of 2017. Relevant contents will be recorded in a video and uploaded to web-video studio for on-demand viewing. The specific arrangements for this event are as below:


I. Arrangement:

Time: 14:30—17:00, November 21, 2017 (Tuesday)

Venue: International Conference Hall, Shanghai Futures Tower, 500 Pudian Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Attendee: Employees of the Members of the Shanghai Futures Exchange


II. Agenda:

14:30-14:40: Overviews on the “Futures Market Serves Real Economy” Essay Activities of 2017 and winning assays

-       SHFE Membership Department

14:40-15:30: Theories and Practice in Asymmetrical Hedging Strategy

-       Nanhua Futures

15:30- 16:20: Positives Effects on Market Participants Maturity and Agricultural Risk Management Intensification through Derivatives Model Innovation

-       Guotai Junan Futures

16:20-17:00: Research on Futures Industry’s Support to Supply-side Structural Reform in Guangdong Province

-       Guangfa Futures


III. Notes:

1. Each member is allowed to send no more than 5 attendees to the forum due to the hall size limitation. Transportation and accommodation are on your own. Please send this return receipt to zhang.cheng2@shfe.com.cn,the contact mailbox of our Member Service and Investor Education Department by Monday, November 20, 2017. For those who need to confirm the success delivery of this E-mail, please tickle the Mail Read Receipt Required in the mail.

2.   The contents of previous forums will be available for viewing through our video studio’s website: http://shfewebinar.y1tech.cn/,while the video containing the contents of this forum will be uploaded to this website within one day for on-demand viewing. 


3. The presentation by guests invited by the Exchange solely represents the analysis, judgment and research findings of their own, rather than the Exchange’s stances or views. All members, during their operational activities, shall continue to do well in risk warning for futures investors.


Hereby notify the above.

(Person to Contact:   Zhangcheng at 021-20616167)