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Notice on Carrying out Safety Production Self-Examination and Field Special Inspection on Designated Delivery Warehouses

Notice on Carrying out Safety Production Self-Inspection and Field Special Inspection on Designated Delivery Warehouses


December 15, 2017

In order to draw lessons from the incident at Qingdao Nanquan Warehouse of COSCO Shipping Logistics Warehousing Distribution Co., Ltd., take strict precautions against fire disasters, conduct the fire control and theft prevention earnestly and ensure the smooth operation of the products trading, SHFE will, in accordance with the Designated Delivery Warehouse Rules of the Shanghai Futures Exchange, supervise the designated delivery warehouses’ thorough implementation of self-examination and correction focusing on the safety in production including fire control and theft prevention, and also pick up certain designated delivery warehouses for field special inspection in the near term.

The said self-examination and field special inspection on the safety in production include but not limiting to:

(1) Whether or not the entity maintains the fire control responsibility system and the work post fire control responsibility system that are broken down to each employee according to the Fire Protection Law;

(2) Whether or not the entity put into practice its internal fire inspection and daily fire control patrol system;

(3) Whether or not the entity implements the safety management system for the use of electricity, fire and gas;

(4) Whether or not the entity notifies the Exchange of the maintenance of futures storehouses and oil tanks;

(5) Whether or not the entity carries out the fire prevention and safety training for its employees and the routine inspection and maintenance system for internal fire control facilities;

(6) Whether or not the entrances and evacuation passageways of the warehouse meet the requirements and are kept unimpeded;

(7) Whether or not special safety precautions are taken to maintain the safety & security of flammable and combustible materials and hazardous article;

(8) Implementation of the fire control in autumn and winter;

(9) Organization of fire prevention drills; and

(10) Whether or not theft prevention system is sound and the equipment is intact.

All designated delivery warehouses shall attach great importance to the safety production self-examination and special field inspection, make the heads of futures delivery business lead the operation, check the hidden trouble and risk thoroughly and follow the accident prevention requirements strictly. As for potential problems or safety loopholes discovered during the self-examination, the designated delivery warehouses shall report them to the Exchange and make rectifications immediately. All designated delivery warehouses are required to complete the self-examination as soon as possible, and prepare and submit the written report to the Exchange prior to December 22, 2017. 

Hereby notify the above.


Person to contact of relevant products:

Nonferrous metals:

Shen Zhongming at 021-20767627, shen.zm@shfe.com.cn

Ferrous metal:

Wu Yunpeng at 021-29767550, wu.yp@shfe.com.cn

Precious metal:

Xu Chunlei at 021-20767565, xu.chenlei@shfe.com.cn

Natural rubber:

Pan Weichun at 021-20767583, pan.wc@shfe.com.cn

Bitumen and fuel oil:

Sun Dongsheng at 021-20767587, sun.dongsheng@shfe.com.cn.