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Notice of Shanghai International Energy Exchange on Implementing the Reporting of Accounts Involving Actual Control Relationship

To all Members, Overseas Special Participants, and Overseas Intermediaries,

Shanghai International Energy Exchange (hereinafter referred to as “INE”), the subsidiary of Shanghai Futures Exchange has released its notice on the reporting of accounts involving actual control relationship on March 21, 2018.

For those who possess an account that matches the identification criteria for, and involves, an actual control relationship, whether it is the controlling account or the controlled account, should voluntarily report relevant information to the China Futures Market Monitoring Center Co., Ltd. (CFMMC) through the Futures Firm Members, Overseas Special Brokerage Participants, or Overseas Intermediaries with whom they opened their account. Please refer to CFMMC for the requirements on the information to be reported.

Non-Futures Firm Members and Overseas Special Non-Brokerage Participants should file directly with Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE) via the Member Service System, and INE will forward relevant information to CFMMC on their behalf.

Hereby notifies as the above.

Contact Person:   Chen Liubo             Tel: +86-21-68401497

                          Chen Xing               Tel: +86-21-68402428

Shanghai Futures Exchange

March 21, 2018