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Approval of The Application for Registration of ”MET” Grade-A Copper Cathode

From: The Shanghai Futures Exchange

To: Minera Centinela

Subject: Approval of The Application for Registration of ”MET” Grade-A Copper Cathode

Filing Serial: SQPF [2018] No. 6

This is an official response to your company’s Report on Application for Registration of “MET” Grade-A Copper Cathode, and with respect to the Rules on Registration of Nonferrous Metals Products for Futures Delivery, following our field inspection, sampling and assaying, your company’s “MET” Grade-A copper cathode brand meets all requirements as prescribed in the Exchange’s copper contract specifications. Given that, you’re hereby notified of the following:

I. We grant your company the approval to register the MET Grade-A copper cathode brand with the Exchange.

II. Since the date of issuance, the above-mentioned product shall be applicable to physical delivery against the Exchange’s copper futures contract. The product’s specifications are as below:

Registered Producer: Minera Centinela

Address of Refinery: Antofagasta, Chile

Product Name: Grade-A Copper Cathode

Trademark: MET

Brand Logo: (as shown in the figure below)


DimensionApprox. 1000 * 1000 * 4 mm

Weight per PieceApprox. 36kg

Weight per BundleApprox. 2,300kg

Minimum Warranted Delivery Size25 tons):Approx. composed of 11 bundles

Packaging Materials:  0.9-1×30-32 mm rust-resistant steel strap;

Securely bundled up in a well-shaped manner (#)



Shanghai Futures Exchange

February 28th , 2018