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Circular of Shanghai International Energy Exchange on the Adjustments of Minimum Clearing Deposit for Futures Firm Members


Shanghai International Energy Exchange (hereinafter referred to as “the Exchange”), the subsidiary of Shanghai Futures Exchange, has released its Circular on the Adjustments of Minimum Clearing Deposit for Futures Firm Members on August 2, 2019.
In accordance with the Clearing Rules of the Shanghai International Energy Exchange, the Exchange hereby notifies the adjustments of minimum clearing deposit for Futures Firm Members (hereinafter referred to as “FF Member”) as follows:
1. Each FF Member shall at all times maintain a minimum clearing deposit of RMB two million (¥2,000,000.00), including the Member undertakes clearing authorizations from the Overseas Special Participants (hereinafter referred to as “OSPs”) and the Overseas Intermediaries.
2. A FF Member undertakes a clearing authorization from an OSP, the minimum clearing deposit of the corresponding internal ledger under such authorized Member is zero (¥0.00).
3. The FF Members that have previously increased the balance of the minimum clearing deposit can, as of the date of this circular release, go to the counter of the Clearing Department to handle the corresponding deposit withdrawal procedures by the settlement and delivery personnel with his/her certificateand the attached Information Form. The deadline for handling the deposit withdrawal is August 9, 2019 (including the day), and the processing time is 9:00-14:30 of working day.
Shanghai Futures Exchange


August 2, 2019




Information Form on the Overseas Participants




Member ID No.:                                                    




Member Name:                                                      


The information of the Overseas Special Participants and the Overseas Intermediaries:
(As of August 2, 2019, the filing formalities have been completed and increasing the minimum clearing deposit has been completed.)
Overseas Special Participant ID No./
Overseas Intermediary ID No.
Overseas Special Participant Name/
Overseas Intermediary Name
Note: the Exchange will handle the corresponding deposit withdrawal on the next trading day after the Members have completed the application formalities.
Member Organization