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Circular of Shanghai International Energy Exchange on Announcements on Publishing the TSR 20 Futures Contract and the Relevant Implementing Rules of Shanghai International Energy Exchange

In order to launch the TSR 20 Futures contract, and to make risk control more efficient and facilitate the physical delivery, Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE) hereby notifies the TSR 20 Futures Contract, the revised version of Trading Rules, Clearing Rules, Delivery Rules, Risk Management Rules, Membership Management Rules and Enforcement Rules, after being approved by the board of directors of INE and reported to China Securities Regulatory Commission.
According to Article 74-12 and Article 74-13 in the Trading Rules of Shanghai International Energy Exchange, the calculation of trading volume and open interest shall be adjusted to one-sided, and shall take effect since January 1st, 2020. Clause 2 of Article 63 of the Risk Management Rules of Shanghai International Energy Exchange shall take effect since the SC1910 contract.
The Chinese versions of the above rules can be found on the Chinese Website. In the event of any inconsistency between the Chinese version and English translation, the Chinese version shall prevail.
INE hereby notifies as the above. 

Appendix: 1. INE TSR 20 Futures Contract 
                 2. INE Trading Rules  (revised and restated)
                 3. INE Clearing Rules  (revised and restated)
                 4. INE Delivery Rules  (revised and restated)
                 5. INE Risk Management Rules (revised and restated)
                 6. INE Membership Management Rules  (revised and restated)
                 7. INE Enforcement Rules  (revised and restated)

Shanghai Futures Exchange
August 2nd, 2019