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cnr.cn: Shanghai Futures Exchange and China Electricity Council Renewed Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement


cnr.cn: Shanghai Futures Exchange and China Electricity Council Renewed Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

Updated on: August 23, 2017

Reported by Wu Shanyang, Journalist from cnr.cn

On August 23, Shanghai Futures Exchange and China Electricity Council renewed Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement in Beijing. Jiang Yan (Secretary of the CPC SHFE Committee and Board Chairman of SHFE) and Yang Kun (Secretary of the CPC China Electricity Council Committee and Executive Vice President of China Electricity Council) attended the signing ceremony.

According to Jiang Yan, since strategic cooperation framework agreement was signed in 2014, both parties launch a series of multi-level and all-round cooperation, harvest plentiful fruits, and establish favorable partnership. The renewal of this agreement indicates a new stage for comprehensive strategic cooperation between SHFE and China Electricity Council, which is of great significance for deepening cooperation in futures industry and power industry, further promoting reform and development of the electricity market and better highlighting functions and roles of futures market in contributing to the real economy.

According to Yang Kun, China Electricity Council will follow The Thirteenth Five-year Planning for Energy Development, implement the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, and more closely collaborate with SHFE to push forward marketization reform of power industry, explore and promote the construction of China’s electric power futures market, etc.

It is reported that SHFE and China Electricity Council will seize the golden opportunity of this renewal, further consolidate and deepen the mutual strategic cooperation, give full considerations to characteristics of the power industry and the market, leverage their respective advantages, launch pertinent research, development and innovation in the development and other aspects of power futures and other power derivatives, strengthen the joint researches on construction of power market system and other forward-looking issues, and share research outcomes. In addition, both parties will further strengthen cooperation in terms of information exchange, personnel training and other aspects, and jointly give impetus to the development of China’s power and power derivatives market.