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China Securities Journal: SHFE: Continuously Promote the Construction of Six Centers


China Securities Journal: SHFE: Continuously Promote the Construction of Six Centers

Reported by Zhang Lijing

The sixth general meeting of Shanghai Futures Exchange was held in Shanghai on September 26.

The conference has fully confirmed the various kinds of work in the 2th Council of SHFE, the administrative management layer and the 1st Board of Supervisors. The conference requests that, SHFE shall adhere to the basic thought of planning for the future with world view, building rules with international standards, and highlighting characteristics with local advantages; meanwhile, it shall well conduct four articles of “standard searching, standard alignment, standard reaching, and standard seizing”, face up to differences, strive to make progress stably, establish the awareness of creating awareness and leasing awareness, continuously promote the construction of six centers, including transaction, settlement, information, research, technology, and talent, practically improve price finding, hedging function quality and level, and emphasize on improving the service for substantial economy.

The conference has examined and approved the Work Report for the 2th Council of SHFE, the General Manager Work Report, and the Work Report for the 1st Board of Supervisors; and has also examined and approved the Articles of Association for SHFE (Revised Draft) and the Transaction Rules of SHFE (Revised Draft), and requested the submission of report to CSRC as per procedures for approval; elected and generated the 3th Council Member Director of SHFE and the Member Supervisor for the 2th Board of Supervisors. There are nine 3th council member directors, of which the futures company member directors include Luo Xufeng from Nanhua Futures Co., Ltd., Wang Huadong from Hongyuan Futures Co., Ltd., Qiu Yiping from Dadi Futures Co., Ltd., Zhou Yong from Holly Futures Co., Ltd., Zhang Hao from CITIC Futures Co., Ltd., Yao Guang from TF Futures Co., Ltd., Yu Xiaodong from Guosen Futures Co., Ltd.; the member directors for non-futures companies are Yang Jiaxing from China Aluminum International Trading Co., Ltd., and Yu Jiyou from China National United Oil Corporation; there are 3 member supervisors for the 2th Board of Supervisors, which are respectively Chen Donghua from Cinda Futures Co., Ltd., Zhao Guiping, the President of GF Futures Co., Ltd, and Gao Jie from SDIC Essence Futures Co., Ltd.

188 member representatives of SHFE, the principal for the relevant departments, dispatched institutions, associations, and commission management companies as well as the relevant principal and representatives of Shanghai Financial Services Office and partial industrial associations, etc. participated in the conference.