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Appendix to Standard Copper Cathode Futures Contract of Shanghai Futures Exchange (Revised in May 2009)

I. Delivery unit

Trading unit of standard copper cathode contract is 5 tons per lot and the delivery unit is 25 tons per warrant. Each delivery shall be carried out based on the integral multiple(s) of each warrant.

II. Quality specifications

(1) Subject to all specifications on standard copper cathode, the primary component of copper and silver shall not be less than 99.95%.

(2) Appearance and weight per piece: Copper cathode is delivered in the form of ingot. The weight of copper cathode per piece shall not be less than 15 kg and its central thickness shall not be less than 5mm.

(3) Each overlanded and shortlanded warrant shall not exceed ±2% and pound weight difference shall not exceed ±0.2%.

(4) Each warrant of copper cathode must consist of commodity of the same manufacturer, nameplate, registered trademark, quality grade, shape and approximate weight per piece.

(5) Each warrant of copper cathode must be the registered brand approved by the Exchange and attached with quality certificate.

(6)The warrant must be issued by the Exchange approved warehouse for delivery after passing its acceptance check based on relevant regulations.

III. The Exchange approved manufacturers and registered brands

Copper cathode used for physical delivery must be of the brand registered with the Exchange. Delivery of high purity copper cathode is replaceable. The specific registered brand as well as the premium and discount standard will be provided and announced by the Exchange.

IV. Approved warehouses for delivery

The Exchange will designate and announce the warehouse for delivery. The premium and discount standard for warehouse for delivery at different locations will also be provided and announced by the Exchange.

Note: The appendix to this Contract is applicable to CU1006 and later month contracts.