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Appendix to Gold Futures Contract of Shanghai Futures Exchange

I. Delivery Unit

The trading unit of Gold standard contract is 1 kilogram/lot, delivery unit is standard weight (net weight) 3 kilogram/warrant, and the delivery shall be made in an integral multiple of each warrant.

II. Quality Standards

(1) The gold content of the gold bullions for the physical delivery of this contract shall not be lower than 99.95%.

(2) The chemical composition of domestic gold bullions shall also meet the specifications in the following table:

Other specifications shall comply with the requirements of the GB/T4134-2003 standard.

(3) The delivery gold bullions are 1 kilogram standard gold bullions (with gold content of not less than 99.99%) or 3 kilogram standard gold bullions (with gold content of not less than 99.95%).

(4) For 3 kilogram gold bullions, the allowed weight (net weight) shortage or surplus for each gold bullion shall not exceed ±50 grams; while for 1 kilogram gold bullions, the weight of each gold bullion shall not be less than 1000 grams, counted as 1000 grams for those over 1000 grams.

The scale difference of each gold bullion shall not exceed ±0.1 gram

(5) The gold for each warrant must consist of gold bullions produced by the same producer, of the same grade, with the same trademark, quality grade and block shape.

(6) The gold bullions for each warrant must be of a registered brand approved or recognized by SHFE with the corresponding quality certificate.

III. Producers and Registered Brands Recognized by SHFE

The gold bullions for physical delivery must be of a brand registered with SHFE, or Gold bullion with a fineness no lower than 99.95% and the standard bullions that are of the suppliers and refiners of the gold list of LBMA good delivery and accepted by SHFE for physical delivery against the exchange futures contracts. The specific registered brands and levels of premium & discount shall be separately prescribed and announced by SHFE.

IV. Designated Delivery Warehouses

The designated delivery warehouses shall be designated and separately announced by SHFE.