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Appendix to Natural Rubber Futures Contract Specifications

I.       Delivery Unit

Physical delivery shall be made in integral multiple(s) of the delivery unit.

II.      Place of Origin and Quality Standards

Deliverable domestic SCR WF natural rubber shall meet the quality specification set forth in National Standard GB/T 8081-2018 and shall be of a registered brand recognized by SHFE (deliverable brands will be separately announced by SHFE).

Deliverable imported #3 ribbed smoked sheets (RSS 3) shall meet the intrinsic quality and external packing specifications as prescribed in the International Standards of Quality and Packing for Natural Rubber Grades (The Green Book) (1979 Edition) formulated by the International Rubber Quality and Packing Conference (IPQRC), and shall be produced in such countries as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka.

III.    Designated Delivery Warehouses

Designated Delivery Warehouses and the standards of premiums and discounts applied to delivery warehouses at different locations will be separately specified and announced by SHFE.