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Appendix to the SHFE Silver Contract Specifications

Ⅰ.Delivery unit

Trading unit of standard silver contact is 15 kilograms per lot and the delivery unit is 30 kilograms per warrant. Each delivery shall be carried out in the integral multiple (s) of the warrant amount.

II.Quality Specifications

(1)The silver content of the silver bullions for physical delivery of this contract should be no less than 99.99% and should comply with the provisions on IC-Ag99.99 of the national standard GB/T 4135-2002.

(2)Silver bullions that back each warrant must be SHFE-registered brands with corresponding quality certificates issued by the producers in place.

(3)A warrant should be issued by an SHFE certified warehouse upon the completion of examination and acceptance procedures as prescribed in relevant rules and regulations.

III.SHFE-Registered Brands

The brand of silver bullions for physical delivery must be registered with SHFE. The list of registered brands and specific levels of premium & discount shall be determined and announced by SHFE in due course.

IV.Certified Warehouses

The certified warehouses shall be designated and announced by SHFE in due course.