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Appendix to Wire-rod Futures Contract of Shanghai Futures Exchange

I. Delivery Unit

The trading unit of Wire rod contract is 10 ton/lot, delivery unit is 300 ton/warrant, and the delivery shall be made in an integral multiple of each warrant.

II. Quality Standards

(1) The quality of the wire rod for physical delivery shall meet the relevant specifications of GB1499.1-2008, “Steels for reinforced concrete, part 1: hot-rolled plain bars” for grade HPB235.

(2) The dimensions, shape, weight & allowable deviation, packaging, logo and quality certificate of the wire rod for delivery shall meet the specifications of the national standard GB1499.1-2008, “Steels for reinforced concrete, part 1: hot-rolled plain bars”.

(3) The wire rods for each warrant must consist of wire rods produced by the same producer, of the same grade, with the same trademark and nominal diameter; in addition, the production date of the wire rods for each warrant shall not exceed two consecutive days, with the earliest date as the production date for the warrant.

(4) The wire rods for each standard warrant must be of a registered brand approved by SHFE with the corresponding quality certificate.

(5) Wire rod delivery shall be measured by means of actual weighing. The physical goods shortage or surplus for each warrant shall be ±3%, with scale difference not exceeding ±0.3%.

(6) Warrants shall be issued after being inspected and accepted by SHFE-designated delivery warehouses in accordance with regulations.

III. Producers and Registered Brands Recognized by SHFE

The wire rods for physical delivery must be of a brand registered with SHFE. The specific registered brands and levels of premium & discount shall be separately prescribed and announced by SHFE.

IV. Designated Delivery Warehouses

The designated delivery warehouses shall be designated and separately announced by SHFE. The level of premium & discount for off-site delivery warehouses shall be stipulated and announced by SHFE.